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Pantalk Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy sets out how Pando Software (“Pantalk”), use and protect your personal data that you provide to us, or that is otherwise obtained or generated by us, in connection with your use of our server messaging services (the “Services”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Pantalk, and ‘you’ refers to you, or the user of the Services.

1.1 Privacy Principles

Pantalk has some basic principles when it comes to collecting and processing your private data:

  • We don't use your data to show you ads.

  • We only store the data that Pantalk needs to function as a secure and updated feature messaging service.

1.2. Terms of Service

This Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms of Service, which describes the terms under which you use our Services and which are available at Terms of Service. This Privacy Policy should therefore be read in conjunction with those terms.


2. Legal Ground for Processing Your Personal Data

We process your personal data on the ground that such processing is necessary to further our legitimate interests (including: (1) providing effective and innovative Services to our users; and (2) to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud or security issues in respect of our provision of Services), unless those interests are overridden by your interest or fundamental rights and freedoms that require protections of personal data.


3. What Personal Data We Use

3.1. Basic Account Data

Pantalk is a communication service. You provide your mobile number and basic account data (which may include profile name, profile picture and about information) to create a Pantalk account.

To make it easier for your contacts and other people to reach you and recognize who you are, the screen name you choose, your profile pictures, and your username (should you choose to set one) on Pantalk are always public. We don't want to know your real name, gender, age or what you like. 

We do not require your screen name to be your real name. Note that users who have you in their contacts will see you by the name they saved and not by your screen name. This way your mother can have the public name 'Robert Downey Jr' while appearing as 'Mom' to you and as 'Boss' to her underlings at work (or the other way around, depending on how these relationships are structured).

3.2. Your Messages
3.2.1. Cloud Chats

Pantalk is a server service. We store messages, photos, videos and documents from your cloud chats on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. All data is stored heavily encrypted and the encryption keys in each case are stored in several other data centers in different jurisdictions. This way local engineers or physical intruders cannot get access to user data.

3.2.2. Private Chats

Secret chats use end-to-end encryption. This means that all data is encrypted with a key that only you and the recipient know. There is no way for us or anybody else without direct access to your device to learn what content is being sent in those messages. We do not store your secret chats on our servers. We also do not keep any logs for messages in secret chats, so after a short period of time we no longer know who or when you messaged via secret chats. For the same reasons secret chats are not available in the cloud — you can only access those messages from the device they were sent to or from.

3.2.3. Media in Private Chats

When you send photos, videos or files via secret chats, before being uploaded, each item is encrypted with a separate key, not known to the server. This key and the file’s location are then encrypted again, this time with the secret chat’s key — and sent to your recipient. They can then download and decipher the file. This means that the file is technically on one of Pantalk’s servers, but it looks like a piece of random indecipherable garbage to everyone except for you and the recipient. We don’t know what this random data stands for and we have no idea which particular chat it belongs to. We periodically purge this random data from our servers to save disk space.

3.2.4. Public Chats

In addition to private messages, Pantalk also supports group channels and public groups. All public chats are server-based chats. Like everything on Pantalk, the data you post in public communities is encrypted, both in storage and in transit — but everything you post in public will be accessible to everyone.

3.3. Phone Number and Contacts

Pantalk uses phone numbers as unique identifiers so that it is easy for you to switch from SMS and other messaging apps and retain your social graph. We ask your permission before syncing your contacts.

3.4. Cookies

The only cookies we use are those to operate and provide our Services on the web. We do not use cookies for profiling or advertising. The cookies we use are small text files that allow us to provide and customize our Services, and in doing so provide you with an enhanced user experience. Your browser should allow you to control these cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them. You may choose to block cookies with your web browser.


4. Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

4.1. Storing Data

If you signed up for Pantalk, your data is stored in data centers in the Germany. These are third-party provided data centers in which Pantalk rents a designated space. However, the servers and networks that sit inside these data centers and on which your personal data is stored are owned by Pantalk. As such, we do not share your personal data with such data centers. All data is stored heavily encrypted so that local Pantalk engineers or physical intruders cannot get access.


4.2. End-to-End Encrypted Data

Your messages, media and files from private chats, as well as the contents of your calls and the data you store in your Pantalk app with your account are processed only on your device and on the device of your recipient. Before this data reaches our servers, it is encrypted with a key known only to you and the recipient. While Pantalk servers will handle this end-to-end encrypted data to deliver it to the recipient – or store it in the case of your device data, we have no ways of deciphering the actual information. In this case, we neither store nor process your personal data, rather we store and process random sequences of symbols that have no meaning without the keys which we don’t have.

4.3. Retention

Unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the personal data that you provide us will only be stored for as long as it is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations in respect of the provision of the Services.


5. Processing Your Personal Data

5.1. Our Services

Pantalk will process your data to deliver your backed-up chat history, including messages, media and files, to any devices of your choosing without a need for you to use third-party backups or cloud storage.

5.2. Safety and Security

Pantalk supports huge communities which we have to police against abuse and Terms of Service violations. To improve the security of your account, as well as to prevent spam, abuse, and other violations of our Terms of Service, we may collect metadata such as your IP address, devices and Pantalk apps you've used, history of username changes, etc. If collected, this metadata can be kept for 6 months maximum.

5.3. Spam and Abuse

To prevent phishing, spam and other kinds of abuse and violations of Pantalk’s Terms of Service, our moderators may check messages that were reported to them by their recipients. If a spam report on a message you sent is confirmed by our moderators, your account may be limited from contacting a person in public group. In case of more serious violations, your account may be banned. We may also use automated algorithms to analyze messages in server chats to stop spam and phishing.

5.4. No Ads

Unlike other services, we don't use your data for ad targeting or other commercial purposes. Pantalk only stores the information it needs to function as a secure and feature-rich service. 


6. Who Your Personal Data May Be Shared With

6.1. Other Pantalk Users

Other users of our Services with whom you choose to communicate with and share certain information, who may be located outside your country or region. Note that by entering into the Terms of Service and choosing to communicate with such other users of Pantalk, you are instructing us to transfer your personal data, on your behalf, to those users in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We employ all appropriate technical and organizational measures (including encryption of your personal data) to ensure a level of security for your personal data that is appropriate to the risk. 

6.2. Pantalk’s Group Companies

We may share your personal data with: (1) our parent company, Pando Software, located in South Korea; and (2) Pantalk FZ-LLC, a group member located in Indonesia, to help provide, improve and support our Services. We will implement appropriate safeguards to protect the security and integrity of that personal data. This will take the form of standard contract clauses approved by the European and Asian Commission in an agreement between us and our relevant group companies. 

6.3. Law Enforcement Authorities

If Pantalk receives a court order that confirms you're a terror suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities. So far, this has never happened.


7. Your Rights Regarding the Personal Data You Provide to Us

7.1. Your Rights

Under applicable data protection legislation, in certain circumstances, you have rights concerning your personal data. You have a right to: (1) request a copy of all your personal data that we store and to transmit that copy to another data controller; (2) delete or amend your personal data; (3) restrict, or object to, the processing of your personal data; (4) correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal data we hold on you; and (5)lodge a complaint with national data protection authorities regarding our processing of your personal data.


8. Deleting data

8.1. Accounts

If you would like to delete your account, you can do this directly from the app. Deleting your account removes all messages, media, contacts and every other piece of data you store in the Pantalk server. This action must be confirmed via your Pantalk account and cannot be undone.

8.2. Messages
  • In private chats, deleting a message always instructs the app on the other end to delete it too.

  • In backed-up chats, you can choose to delete a message for all participants within at least 24 hours after sending. Otherwise, deleting a message will delete it from your message history. This means that a copy will stay on the server as part of your partner's message history. As soon as your partner deletes it too, it's gone forever.

  • In groups and channels, deleting a message removes it for all participants.


9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will review and may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy on this page Please check our website frequently to see any updates or changes to our Privacy Policy, a summary of some change and updated one will set out here later. 

Important changes made to this Privacy Policy will be notified to you via Pantalk. 


10. Questions and concerns

If you have any questions about privacy and our data policies, please contact our representative at

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